10 Lessons I Learned From Kevin Nation’s Teleseminar

authorIcon By Justin Brooke

I call in to the line and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey is playing…

It’s not one of those boring “Ok guys we’re about to get started…” starts to a webinar/teleseminar.

No way, Kevin’s pumpin’ the energy right from the start. Minutes later he’s rolling right into the big promise for the call.

This call is focused on how service sellers and consultants can reach $100,000 per month in sales.

Kevin’s best known for helping businesses add on high ticket offers with extremely classy and personal marketing.

Lesson #1: Kick it off with energy & purpose

Next he starts talking about a lady named Jasmine, and the struggles/successes she has had with his help.

I thought it was smart to not only talk about her success, but the struggles as well. It helped me to understand the expectations and requirements of making his methods work. I found myself believing the successes even more because of the struggles.

Lesson #2: Use a case study to describe what you’re offering

Now the call is fully underway and he’s talking about raising your price.

One of his quotes from the call was “Find the value that you provide at that level.” What he means is that some people think it’s just about raising the numbers in your price and others are scared that they’ll out price the market.

What’s he’s saying though is that it’s about finding out what your market see’s value you in at that level. People are paying high prices, you just need to figure out what motivates them to do that.

Another quote “It’s not about the price, it’s about showing them all you do for them.”

Lesson #3: Raise your value and charge what it takes to deliver at that value.

He talks about a dentist and a client with a cracked tooth. The patient doesn’t want the doctor to “work hard” on him. What he wants is a fast painless process.

And the reason Kevin explains for this story is because high paying customers want great results quickly. They do not want you to “work hard for a long time.”

For my own clients this means to me that my clients would value millions of visitors in 30 days more than a campaign that took me a year to implement.


Lesson #4: People pay more for convenience & speed

After that he starts talking about “daily sales.”

He’s lecturing the crowd on how most people chase an income goal, and then become complacent when they reach that goal. Kevin says you should be focused on increasing daily sales.

Find what it takes to make a sale every day and then what it takes to make more than one sale per day. To practice running at a pace that is just outside of your comfort zone.

If you will focus on this instead of the money you’ll be able to provide so much more for your family.

I’m also thinking that this would take the “money” out of the sale. Helping you to not focus on the price and not focus on whether you are in lack of or in surplus of money. Both could totally throw off your ability to get the sale.

Many people will have a great month or great week, and then stop selling. Then a month of so later they have a hard month and it’s because they let off the gas pedal when things were good!

Lesson #5: Focus on increase sales not on making money

The 3rd pillar is designing a service delivery that does not increase your workload, only your value.

Kevin says becoming a master is all about spending less and less time to deliver your value. Which makes me think of someone practicing to run the 4 minute mile. At first it takes them 10 minutes, but as they get better and better they complete it faster and faster.

Kevin says you don’t want to raise your price and raise your workload just as much or twice as much. Otherwise, you reach a point where the more success you have the more overwhelm you have.

You want to be working less and getting paid more.

Lesson 6: Design your service to require less and less of YOUR time

Kevin’s talking about the 4th pillar now which is to create your product line strategically. Make sure that every product you offer has every customer aspiring to want to spend more money with you. #BOOM

I want to interject here to make sure everyone knows that “product” does not mean it has to be an ebook, or bottle of pills, it can be anything, even a service.

Kevin says the way you make people aspire to spend more with you is to understand the 3 levels of mentorship.

  1. Information Delivery
  2. Strategy Design
  3. Facilitate Results

He talked about how bloggers and authors create desire by creating information. However, it is rare that a blogger or author makes millions per year.

They are out there, but they have to put out a tremendous amoutn of information in order to reach that level.

On the next level you have coaches and consultants. At this level they are creating a strategy for you to follow instead of requiring you to learn and make one yourself.

The final level is high level masterminds or exclusive networks and done for you services. When you can deliver the result for the client you’ll be able to charge the most money. According to lesson 5, the price you’ll be able to charge is how quickly and reliably you can deliver that result.

Lesson 7: Design your product line to make customers aspire to spend more

He starts off the next lesson talking about one of his very successful clients, Garrett J. White, who temporarily tattoo’d “Don’t Sell To Pussies” on his arm.

He describes it as “Not every customer is great for your family.” Which means that there are a lot of customers out there who are not really ready for your product.

You can identify them by the stall tactics they use when you ask them to pay.

I’ve started using this in my own business this year and I’ve seen how powerful it is. Instead of trying to sell people who call me, I practically try to turn them away. I know who I can help and who I cannot. I’m looking for a specific type of customer.

In my early days I took anyone who would pay me, which caused lots of headaches for me and for the client. We were never supposed to work together.

When I started filtering out my clients, I started having almost effortless success. The clients were happier and the referrals flowed.

Kevin said you need to protect the value you give by not giving it away to people who don’t or can’t appreciate it.

Lesson 8: Be extremely selective in who you allow to buy from you

Like a true master of sales you can’t even tell that Kevin has slipped into his pitch.

There was no dividing line that let people know he is now pitching you his offer. He simply started talking about how his clients are reaping the rewards of the lessons he just taught.

He’s telling us what we will receive as a client of his while reinforcing how just being in “The Family” will add tremendous value.

Instead of leaning only on what HE can provide he’s selling the value of being in his network of serious like-minded people who won’t let you fail.

Which demonstrates that Kevin himself is following his own advice of designing a service that requires less and less of his time.

Lesson 9: Seamlessly blend your pitch into your presentation

At the end of the call he takes a few questions from the audience.

He get’s all of the standard sales objections…

“This sounds great, I need to think about it”

“Do you have any case studies you can show me”

“Will this work for my business”

“Do you have a payment plan.”

Just listening to his objections could be a whole other teleseminar. What he does is use a story that illustrates why that objection is not a reason to not buy today.

My favorite was the “Do you have any case studies” caller and Kevin says – Yes, but I’m not going to send them to you. The reason why is because we have found that when we release the names of our clients people constantly bug our clients with questions about the program but never buy.

He says “Go ahead and look me up, visit my social media pages, there is plenty of proof that I get great results for my clients. If that’s not enough nothing will ever be.”

Lesson 10: Anticipate the objections and have stories ready to crush them

As I close off this blog post, I want to say thank you to Kevin.

It was a great presentation and a pleasure to see a master working his craft. If I didn’t already have a coach that is helping me tremendously, I would absolutely be part of his mastermind.

If YOU don’t have a coach I would ask you if you think you’re better than Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. Both had coaches.

Everyone who is serious about reaching their goals has a coach by their side helping them critique their game and stay on track. Kevin, is one of the best out there, I implore you to check out his stuff and subscribe to his social profiles.

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