Our Mission

We're committed to creating the highest level courses that you can safely and quickly advance your media buying career with.

With AdSkills, work less and create big wins when you systemize your campaign planning process, implement new advertising trends skipping the costly trial and error phase, and maximize your ad dollars by reducing costly mistakes and fixing failing campaigns.

Adskills currently has 4500 students from 35 different countries. Many came to us to launch their media buying career, some came to improve skills to work towards company promotion, but what they all have in common is an arsenal of winning strategies they can use with their online ad campaigns. We love creating conversion-boosting courses for both students and the businesses they work with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate ladder climber hoping to get that promotion to CMO or a freelancer just starting out – we can help you reach that next level.

As an Adskills member, You can
  • Launch your media buying career
  • Improve skills to work towards company promotion
  • Work less and create big wins when you systemize your campaign planning process
  • Increase your earnings per client by signing the right clients
Stop Costly Trial & Error
Implement new advertising trends skipping the costly trial and error phase
Reduce The Learning Curve
Review & Test new ad networks reducing the learning curve and implementation time
Fix Failing Campaigns
Maximize your ad dollars by reducing costly mistakes and fixing failing campaigns


These People Have Changed Their Lives With the Help of AdSkills Programs… You Could Be Next!


“Landed my first $10k client because of what I learned in your course.”
Jay Leishman owner of StackDigitalMedia.com

“Your strategies and insights have been instrumental to the success of my advertising agency. It’s shaped part of our philosophy and is responsible for results we are able to get for our clients. And those results are what bring us more clients than we can handle!”
Jason Hornung – Creative Director – JH Media LLC

“As you know, early last year, we moved into offering Facebook ad management for clients (on top of using Facebook ads for our own business). The advice you’ve given has helped us rock it! One campaign we just started for a client is running at $690.25 ad spend, 309 page likes, 737 clicks, 417 opt-ins and 6 sales for a total of $5580 gross revenue. Our client said to us that he’d spend that every day to get those kind of results. If it wasn’t for your guidance, we wouldn’t be able to produce these type of results for our business and our clients.”
Sharon Hayes

“I’ve used this course to sell tickets to offline events and we’re getting the lowest cost per attendee we’ve ever gotten. I highly recommend this course.”
Ashar Alam – Digital Marketing Consultant

“We applied the these methods in our online self defense training business and got consistent reliable daily sales.” Tim Riess – Digital Marketing Consultant

“With their guidance and instruction I was able to triple our ad spend [profitably] for a campaign we didn’t think had any more growth left.”
Nick Fisher – Media Buying Manager – CleverInvestor.com

“Thanks to their training I was able to cut my University client’s CPL down by 65%, freeing up thousands in monthly ad spend.”
Andrew Pontius – Digital Marketing Consultant

“I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month.” Alejandro Reyes – Director of Digital Media – PushPay.com