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If you have an audience of business owners, marketers, job seekers, or people wanting to make money online, then you’re going to love how easy it is to earn from our affiliate program.

When you join today we’ll give you everything you need to get started. Including emails, ads, shareable images, tracking links, testimonials, and videos. The best part is it costs nothing to join, in fact WE PAY YOU!

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Recurring Revenue

Get checks in the mail (or PayPal) every month, could be for years. You’ll get paid every month as long as the customers you send stay on.

High Converting Offer

With our front end offer, AdSkills Core, only being $8.99/mo you’ll definitely see sales racking up in your affiliate stats dashboard.

Full Transparency

Login any time and check your stats. Even at 3am on a Sunday morning. Always know exactly how many clicks, sales and dollars you’ve earned.

Full Service

Need emails? Need social posts? Need an interview? We are your partner and willing to help you make earning as easy as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Do You Know What “Mailbox Money” Is? 

I didn’t at first. 

Then a friend introduced me to the concept. He said, “Instead of trying to always get new sales, promote something recurring and earn mailbox money.” 

He meant that if you promote a product that earns a recurring commission then every month you’re getting a bigger check in the mail. Do the work once, and get paid forever. 

With the AdSkills affiliate program YOU can earn mailbox money.

Most of our partners aim to get 100 sales as their first goal. This is possible in 1-4 weeks depending on your audience size.

At 100 sales you would earn $224/mo. That’s 25 kindle books a month. Or a new pair of Bose headphones each month. Or maybe it pays your cellphone and gym payment each month. 

It’s a start! 

Then the next goal is to build up 1,000 sales with consistent weekly promotion. This is when things start getting good. At 1,000 sales you’ll be earning $2,247 per month like clockwork. 

That’s a rent payment. That’s a new Mac Book Pro every month. Or a really nice weekend vacation every month. 

After that, the sky is the limit. Over achievers will shoot for the legendary 10,000 sales level which pays them $20k+ per month. That’s living like a king anywhere in the world. 

How big will your mailbox money check be?

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