10 Ways To Get More ROI Out of Google Display Network

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Get More ROI Out of Google Display Network

Done right, Google Display Network can be the tidal wave of traffic you’ve dreamed about.

Despite rumors, it’s very clean traffic if you know what you are doing. And you can still get clicks for $0.40 to $0.60. Unlike Adwords where it starts at $2 CPC

I’ve spent a frogs fart over $4 million on Google Display network. These are my top 10 tips for getting higher ROI with GDN…

1. Always separate mobile and desktop campaigns.

Mobile users and desktop users have different objectives and frame of mind when browsing on their devices which means your strategy for one may not necessarily work for the other.

Remember also that mobile devices often have less space for ads so it’s important to design them accordingly. You can also check the Quality Score of your ads as well as the estimated first page bids so you’ll know where your ads will appear on the screen.

2. Know where you can turn off mobile targeting.

This is especially helpful if you don’t want your ads to appear on mobile apps or if your campaign is specifically targeting desktop users.

There are three different spots where you can do this. First, in the settings under the devices tab; second, by excluding “adsenseformobileapps.com” in the campaign placement inclusions; and finally by disabling the “gmob mobile app interstitial.” In the sit category options.

3. Avoid serving a ton of junk ads.

Remember to turn off error pages and parked domains the site category exclusions section.

4. Tightly focus on your target visitors no matter what niche your business is in and no matter what your product is by combining placement and keyword targeting.

If you’re selling protein powder and your ads are running on menshealth.com then you can set your ads to appear only on pages about “protein” or “muscle building”. This this laser-focused advertising allows you to reach your ideal audience even if they’re not yet in “buying mode”.

5. Leverage GDN’s powerful interest and affinity targeting feature.

Sure, Facebook has a similar feature but Google’s is much better. Boost your campaigns performance by targeting audiences that have a specific interest in the products and services you are selling even when they are just browsing websites, using apps, or watching videos that are related to your business. This is because Google knows buying what and where online.

6. Split text and image ads into separate campaigns.

While text ads have the upper hand compared to image ads, both have their merits. I once doubled a client’s sales overnight just by running separate campaigns for image ads and text ads.

7. Size Matters.

The size your display ads come in can and will affect the impression it leaves on your target customers. The sizes that typically perform well are 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600. However, we’ve noted that 300×250 pulls the most weight while 300×600 is an up-and-comer doing pretty well for me and some of my media buying friends.

Always remember to use the size that best complements your pages.

8. Don’t make your ad look like an ad.

Do away with designing ads that look like banner ads from the olden days. Instead, make your ads look like an article teaser featuring relevant images, a great headline, a description, and a call to action. Most importantly, if you don’t want your ad to look like an ad then do not use buttons.

9. Know where your ads are performing the best and stick to those places.

Make your campaign increasingly more profitable by using placement and keyword exclusion lists. Check the list of keywords and placements that are not profitable and exclude these so your ads won’t show there anymore.

10. Know which aspect of your campaign to optimize first.

Start off by optimizing for more and cheaper clicks. When you’ve reached 50 to 100 conversions then you can switch to optimizing for conversions. Once you’ve had 500 conversions, you can then switch over to aggressive targeting or display campaign optimizer (DCO). Remember that at each level, Google gets smarter and smarter about finding you more and more customers.

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