Florida Mom of 3 Discovers New Way To Find REAL Online Jobs Fast

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Discover New Way To Find REAL Online Jobs Fast

Are you frustrated by your current job or finding one?

Tired of MLM’s, pyramid schemes, and online scammers targeting you with fake jobs?

Then meet, Tracy, mother of 3 in Florida who was forced to find an online job due to health issues with her youngest.

At first her options seemed grim.

Tracy was a teacher and because of a surprise new medical condition her youngest child needed to be monitored 24/7. She asked us to keep the specifics private, but day care was not an option.

Her child not only required monitoring but also rapid action the moment that monitor sent an alert. Day care just could not provide that service and hiring a full time nanny was out of the budget.

Friends recommended Lularoe, but that would require buying inventory and building a whole business.

She even tried “Origami Owl” for awhile which was a jewelry selling MLM.

Every “online job no training needed” ad she called turned out to be some kind of MLM or pyramid scheme.

And then she found the scammers.

Tons of online memberships offering to teach her how to get rich quick online, but of course all of those ALSO required building a business.

Or some involved doing things that felt unethical.

Tracy wanted a job.

A real job.

But a job that was online.

So she could take care of her child and his new medical issues.

She thought how are all these people in Starbucks with their laptops and all these “digital nomads” on Instagram earning their money?

This thought was like a brain spark that reminded Tracy that she was a teacher and she could use her research skills from college to find where the real jobs are.

The first thing she found was there were LOTS of jobs for coders.

The Internet is bursting with new tech companies and there seems to be unlimited jobs available for someone who knows how to write software code.

Tracy did not.

What else do all these companies need?

She had some friends who had a business that help businesses with their marketing and they seemed to be growing fast, so she thought that might be a good area to explore.

Tracy started digging.

Her Research Revealed The Fastest Growing Segment of Online Job Opportunities For 2019

Tracy started her research at Indeed.com one of the worlds most popular places for job searches and found this chart.

BINGO! Tracy knew she had found something worth diving deeper into.

She started looking for trends within the trend.

What she found was that inside of the broad topic of digital marketing was a massive growth in online advertising.

In fact, what she learned was, for the first time in history the Internet was now the largest advertising medium.

Digital advertising is beating both TV and Radio combined.

It’s a sector inside of digital marketing that is currently in a hiring frenzy to keep up with the growth trend.

All within one summer Tracy went from teacher to working from home with flexible hours.

Her new job was creating simple FB & IG ads for real legitimate companies. And they gave her all the training on how to do it too.

If you’ve ever made a post on FB or IG, then you already know how to do this, you just need to learn how to do it better (and get paid for it).

In this short interview she explains how it all happened and how you can follow in her footsteps. The company who helped her is looking for 100 more people to place in jobs immediately.



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