Turn Your Google Analytics Data Into Facebook Ad Profits With This Setting

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Turn Your Google Analytics Data Into Facebook Ad Profits

This is a no brainer…

If you want to increase ROI of your Facebook ads, then implementing what’s taught in this article will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your ad campaigns.

First, let me explain what I’m talking about.

You obviously have some visitors that convert and others that don’t. We all do.

What if you could separate out the non-converters from the converters. Then target your ads only to the segment that converts.


Here, let me show you how…

First, you’re going to need Google Analytics already installed on your site. If you don’t have that already then, go install it, then come back to this post in 30 days.

Those of you that already have Google Analytics on your site, you’re going to hug yourself for that after reading this article. Login to GA, and click on the audiences tab in the menu sidebar.


The two most interesting tidbits you can glean from your Google Analytics data are the affinity categories and in-market segments.

Affinity categories is fancy speak for “Yo, these people take a liking towards this topic.” And in-market segments is “Yo, these people are currently considering a purchase in this category of goods/services brah.”

If you’ve ever wondered how to create an accurate customer persona, without having to personally interview your customers — Google just handed you that info on a silver platter.

Also, interesting is being able to look up the locations, browsers, operating systems, and devices your audiences use.

Just make sure when you’re making notes about your audience, such as top 5 affinities, locations, or devices that you sort the data by conversions first. You can do this in the goals column.

If you don’t first sort by conversions, then you could be dangerously filtering OUT your best visitors. Don’t do that

You can take those Google Analytics insights and use them to make your FB ads exponentially more profitable.

Most people skip right over it, but inside your FB ads you have the ability to target your ads based on behaviors as well as interests.

Up until now you have probably just targeted your ads by interest. For example, women who are 45–65 and like diet coke, zumba, biggest loser (weight loss audience).

Or maybe you’ve used custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

It really depends on your own Google Analytics insights, but here’s a few that tend to work great for everyone…

  • Target by purchase habits
  • Target by digital activities
  • Target by Internet browser
  • Target by mobile phone manufacturer
  • Target Facebook page admins
  • Target by job role

There’s a huge list of all targeting options in FB here.

For example, when I look at my own Google Analytics data I see that the majority of my conversions come from Apple product owners or Samsung smartphone owners. If I exclude everyone else, then I’m cutting out all the people who would have wasted my ad spend.

If you’re reading this on a non-Apple or non-Samsung device, I’m terribly sorry for the blanket statement. I suggest you buy something quickly

#teasing #notreally

To “exclude” everyone else you have to make sure you click “narrow audience” before you add in the behavior targeting. This will layer your interest targeting with your behavioral targeting (instead of choosing between each).

Narrow Audience = Add additional targeting requirements.

Ok now, let’s put it all together into a handy dandy to-do list…

  1. Make sure you have at least 30 days of Google Analytics data on your site/page
  2. Make sure you have goals setup so you can see conversion data in GA
  3. Go through all the audience insights in GA and take notes of top 5 or top 10
  4. When creating your next FB ad click narrow audience and add in behavioral targeting that matches your GA audience notes
  5. Count all your extra money while wearing aviator shades
  6. Maybe spread it around on your bed and roll in all that extra ROI

If you have questions hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

Google Analytics allows you to see the locations, interests, devices, and more for your highest converting visitors. You can use this data with Facebook Behavioral targeting to narrow your audience to the highest converters. You’ll waste less money by only showing your ads to the visitors who match your highest converting behaviors in Google analytics.

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