You'll learn how to apply scientific eye-tracking, and consumer psychology to create high-converting landing pages

"I tried every traffic source under the sun and the ROI just wasn’t right. Then I fixed up my landing page and now I can’t lose"

I wish every media buyer took this course.

Because your landing page makes or breaks campaigns. Yet, outstanding ones are a rare sight. The basics are usually there... the layout, the nice call to action buttons...

But when you look at them knowing what to look for, most just miss the mark.

That’s why you might have conversion problems.

When someone tells me they have trouble with traffic source X, I look at their landing page first. See, no matter how good you are with the latest traffic strategy if your landing page isn’t top-notch.

That’s the same as knowing a recipe without having the right ingredients...

You’re going to stay hungry.

"Even if you've seen a million of them and made a few hundred you'll still learn a ton of helpful and actionable tips with this course. I came up with 5 variations of a page I've used for years after watching this. This is perfect for someone who gets the concept of direct response but wants to see "behind the scenes" how the psychology works."


5 Stars!

"I like that the content was simple to digest. I am putting my first LP together so this was a great review of the foundational elements. Love the checklist that's included!"



5 Stars!

"Got BP Landing Pages last week and have already implemented some of the suggestions that Mike (the instructor) made. Thanks for helping us all convert more, for less ad spend, and make all the monies :-)"



Our scientific approach can get you extra conversions even if you’re doing good now

A Bulletproof Landing Page might seem simple, but there are deep psychological principles at play that make it work.

So don’t let the simple topic of this course fool you.

It’s far from basic.

It’s fundamental.

Now let me tell you what’s inside so you can start improving those conversions...

  • What is a landing page and why do you need them?

    Yeah... I know the "pro's" are reading this and thinking "this is a beginners course" and you're right for this video. We want to make sure everyone taking this course is on the same page before moving into the more advanced strategies. In this video I address the many popular terms and phrases for "landing pages." 

  • Landing Page recon are the exact steps I take to find out what's already working in the niche I'm creating the landing page for. I also show how to identify what I should and shouldn't add to the page I'm creating. 

  • Landing Page Examples - what would a landing course be if it didn't have examples of current popular and TESTED high converting landing pages. This video breaks down landing pages for books, webinars, advertorials, and more... 

  • Creating landing pages other marketers will steal - you read that right. In this lesson I talk about the "must have" elements as well as proven copywriting frameworks designed to persuade your site visitors so that you can build "swipeworthy" landing pages on your own

  • 7 Rules the "Pro's" Live By - this video literally goes through the checklist I follow and have taught my team to follow for every landing page we create. You'll want this to pass on to your team too

  • And because I know that not every marketer will knock it out of the park with the first landing pages they start to test, I've layed out our optimization framework for how we optimize our landing pages. Specifically how we decide what we'll test and when... so you can squeeze every drop of ROI out of your landing page

  • I know this is a landing page course - but in the last video I share my "post landning page" (aka thank you page) conversion strategies so that you continue to convert those new visitors into sales. 

Start building better landing pages this afternoon when you click to enroll below.


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