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  • How to apply psychological studies to your ads and landing pages for great results
  • Case studies on which ads are converting best in our live campaigns
  • Clever tips and tricks for increasing how many clicks you get while decreasing your CPC
  • Simple funnel hacks that increase conversions and your average customer value
  • Ad copy and persuasion techniques that move the conversion needle

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Your advice is gold. Thank you!

Black ads totally work. Your email inspired me to add a bunch of black ads to my retargeting campaigns for my screen printing company, and they have CTRs of 5 to 10%, which is GREAT. 
Your advice is gold. Thank you!
--Stuart B. 

Love the copy and marketing messaging tips, keep em coming!

I never generally reply to broadcast emails - but I gotta say this one was spot on for a problem I was solving and trying to crack for a self-liquidating front end funnel to cold traffic. I’ll definitely be implementing these 5 rules!
Love the copy and marketing messaging tips, keep em coming!

This is the best sh*t I've ever heard...

Bruh. You are straight blessing me. This is the best sh*t I've ever heard. Literally tried what you said and got my analytics data and used it in fb to turn around a shit campaign. 
I don't remember how I signed up for your list but you've been dropping straight knowledge. 
Derek Buckley