Cheaper Clicks Than Facebook Ads & 10x More Traffic

It’s the one ad network in the world where you can start with lunch money and scale up to Rolls Royce level money - PROFITABLY!

The One Ad Network I Trusted When I Needed To Get My Client 1,000 Sales a Day

A few years ago, I got the most dreaded client request ever. My client was so happy that he now wanted 10X more sales!

I had to ramp up his web traffic... by a lot.

We needed to go from 100 orders a day to 1,000 orders a day. Obviously, for this we needed not just a lot of traffic, but traffic that converts VERY WELL.

I realized I was not going to get them to 1,000 sales a day with what I had already been doing. For this kind of increase, I needed new strategies.

That’s when I found Google Display Network and created my bulletproof GDN ads system.

What Makes GDN Better Than Other Ad Networks?

"Google’s capacity to scale your traffic UP is almost frightening."
- Perry Marshall, Author of Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords

Google Display Network (GDN) is the big wave.

Other ad networks are like a nice day at the beach. 3 foot high waves, fun for boogie boarding or splashing through.

GDN is like riding a Jet Ski into monster 30 foot high waves.

It is where the elite players play.

Just like a surfing a 30-foot wave, you would not want to jump into GDN without previous training.

You don't have to fear its power, though. Rather than fear its size, you can harness it. Use its crushing power to fuel your company’s growth.

With our Bulletproof system, you will learn how to make GDN bend to your will.

You can start with as little as $10/day like I did.

You can start with 1 simple ad, placed on 1 little website, spending just a few dollars per day. Then scale up your ad spend to $100/day, $1,000, even $100,000/day.

“It’s the one ad network in the world where you can start with lunch money and scale up to Rolls Royce level money”

If there was only 1 ad network you could master, it should be Google Display Network. Nothing compares to its flexibility, click prices, traffic quality, or sheer click volume.

Nothing. Period.

It gives you access to 90% of worldwide Internet users. You'll have access to over 2 million publishers


  • Youtube is part of GDN and is equal to 10 Super Bowl audiences
  • Gmail is part of GDN and lets you target your competitors customer inboxes
  • Your customers favorite websites are part of GDN with over 2 million websites you can advertise on
  • Your ads can target news sites, health sites, political sites, financial sites, communities, forums, and so much more
  • Mobile apps are part of GDN and you can even set separate bids for mobile and desktop traffic

Google is like the big brother to Facebook.

It's bigger, wiser, and better at everything that Facebook can do. Maybe it's time you get out of the kiddie pool, and start playing bigger.

With my 90 day scale up framework you'll know exactly what steps to take from day 1 - scaling up.

Here's what one of our customers had to say...


Bulletproof GDN Ads was really great, it was exactly what I was looking for! I like that you get to the point, no fluff and bullshit. So many people spend time on the crap like how to register an account with the network, people who have some experience like me just want the good stuff that helps you level up.



5 Stars!

"Wow! Justin's course covers the entire process from start to finish in a straightforward step by step process. And for people who have been already using GDN - are you sure you're not wasting a TON of money on bad clicks? You'll know after taking Justin's Bulletproof GDN course."



5 Stars!

I have just gone through the first few videos and it already is so powerful. This is hte difference between learning from a pro and from someone who knows it theoritical. Justin has delivered big time. Highly recommended



Here's Everything You'll Learn When You Enroll Today...


  • Discover how to profitably tap into the LARGEST source of quality online traffic on planet earth!

  • Eight reasons you need to put Google Display Network into your digital media buying arsenal.

  • Understand the most overlooked step in GDN success – Media Planning. And why creating specific goals for your campaigns is an absolute must!

  • Learn the 3 financial components you need to consider – and the simple math you need to do – in order to create a massive winning campaign.

  • Laser target segments of your market and how to figure out who you're aiming at.

  • Amazingly simple, effective techniques for writing copy that will speak directly to your market. And how to choose images that will grab them by the eye-balls.

  • How to build a campaign from the ground up. And discover the importance of creating clean campaigns.

  • The steps you need to know to tell Google how much of your budget to spend and how often to spend it. PLUS mistakes you must avoid to maximize the effectiveness of your budget.

  • How to create GDN ad groups the right way! From keyword targeting to CPC bidding to setting up URLs, this lesson will show you the fastest way to get your ads approved by Google.

  • How a single ad group is virtually a waste of money. Lesson 11 will show you how to create additional ad groups around the right keywords (by using one of the most powerful tools) to get set up and approved fast.

  • Putting your ads in front of your most desirable prospects is one of GDNs unique advantages. Lesson 12 will show you how to make sure that your ads get seen by ONLY those you want to see them.

  • Lesson 13 shows you how to use Google's massive amount of data to target known BUYERS. I'll show you how inside. 

  • The simple (but absolutely critical) steps to measure your success.

  • The most important things you must keep in mind when using GDN ads. (And an introduction to your 90 day scaling plan.)

  • Your first month launching a campaign in GDN will be your most critical. Lesson 15 will show you what you need to know about the first 30 days of your campaign.

  • How to assess what's making you money. The steps you take here will give you the ability to scale your campaigns to enormous success.

  • The key step you need to take to make sure your campaigns are ready to take off.

  • How to safely scale your campaign spending. And what to do when your results start to slow down.

Plus, All AdSkills courses include: 

  • No Weak Theories, Only Proven, Field-Tested Methods: Our courses are backed by millions of dollars in real life campaign testing, making them the most reliable training on the market

  • Ideal For Training Your Staff: If you want to delegate advertising to your employees, you can use our systems to train them. Countless business owners did the same before you.

  • These Systems Are Developed With All Businesses In Mind: With over 4700 students and counting, we can assure you our methods work across all the different markets and business models you can imagine.

Get These 5 Bonuses Today

  • BONUS #1: The Competitor Inbox Loophole

    Ever wished you could steal all your competitors customers? Or maybe just secretly email all of them about YOUR product. Now you can with a new legal and ethical loophole created by Google. Inside this video you'll learn of a new ad type that you can only do via Google Display Network and actually slide into all your competitors customers inboxes.

  • BONUS #2: Protection From The Google Slap

    You can't scale a banned ad account. In this video you'll learn how to keep yourself far away from the long-arm of Google's slap. You'll learn how to stay compliant even in niches like dating, weight loss, and biz opp. Plus you'll learn what to do if you do end up getting banned, so you can make a quick comeback.

  • BONUS #3: 50 Ads The Made Millions Swipe File

    This file alone is worth the cost of this course. Inside you'll get to see the ads AND EVEN the landing pages for 50 ad campaigns that made their creators millions. You'll see ads from many different markets such as health, fitness, finance, B2B, B2C, software, and more. This is a treasure trove in the right hands

  • BONUS #4: The Headline Swipe File Pro's Use

    Ever wanted to know the best headlines pro's use? Inside this PDF you'll have hundreds of headlines written by pro copywriters. The key is not to copy the headlines as that'll get you sued, but instead to adapt the headlines with your own words for your product. Use these tried and true headlines and watch your conversions start hiking north.

  • BONUS #5: My Own 65,000 Fraud Sites Blacklist

    If all I gave you was this document for $249, you would make out like a bandit. Frankly, I could start a whole consulting company just installing these blacklists for companies. You're getting it for free and it's easily worth a few thousand dollars. I'm only giving it away as a bonus, because I know it'll increase my conversions and over time make me tens of thousands. Honestly, you'd be crazy not to buy just for this one single document. That's not hype, that's real talk any pro will tell you the same. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars LOST just to build this file.


Comes With Our Triple Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee: Try any AdSkills program for a full 30 days. We know you'll love our products because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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