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Lead Generation Like A Boss

Tofu… Mofu… Bofu… An oldie but goodie

These are not silly words they are actually part of a strategy.

Hubspot attracts 60,000+ new leads per month…

It all has to do with those weird words; Tofu, Mofu, & Bofu

The Hubspot Lead Gen. Secret

You’re probably used to having just one lead gen. page, or a squeeze page.

The problem with that is it’s like a big wide net, it captures everything without filtering out the unqualified leads. Kind of like how Tuna fishermen scoop up innocent dolphins in their large drag nets.

What happens then is you get a bunch of leads that are not yet ready for your offer aka low conversions.

And if you’re like most people you’re sending all of those leads to your sales page as fast as you can. Like a 13 year old boy with his first girl, rushing to try and get to 3rd base before he’s even gotten on 1st.

The solution is Tofu, Mofu, Bofu…

Image Courtesy of SavvyPanda.com

Tofu: Top of Funnel

This is the entry point for everyone. It should be a low friction opt-in page with an offer that anyone in your whole market would want.

The goal is not to make a sale here. Instead the goal is to introduce yourself, build some rapport, and get them interested in the Mofu.

Mofu: Middle of Funnel

Now you start separating everyone from someone who is interested in your area of focus. For us this means someone who is interested in media buying, even more specifically, mass media buying.

In our Tofu we just attracted anyone who was interested in traffic period. Then our emails introduce us and provide some content to demonstrate our expertise.

Next we start introducing them to the concept of doing traffic our way. Which is paid traffic or media buys. We know that they may not be ready for this yet though.

You can offer them a free 30min consultation (Or video) on how they can prepare their product to be ready for this type of traffic. Except we’re not just asking for an email address only anymore, we’re asking for a full lead as well as a few data point about the size of their business.

And now instead of selling media buying services to a bunch of people who aren’t interested in that yet, we now have a bunch of people who are interested in media buying. This is where we start asking for the sale by sending them to our Bofu…

Bofu: Bottom of Funnel

If we have done our job right we attracted leads in mass with a low friction opt-in page (Tofu) and converted them into being interested in our specific method.

Now that they are interested we can send them our case studies, special offers, and pitch them on our media buying services.

The Bofu page is another long form where they have to fill out a full lead, but thanks to Hubspots “smart forms” if they are already a lead it will recognize them and pre-fill in their data.

Had we started pitching our services at the top level we might have got lucky and found a few people interested.

With the Tofu/Mofu/Bofu method we were able to market to every level of the buying cycle from discovery, to research, to purchase.

Instead of just a few people being interested and having a low conversion rate we were able to greatly increase our earnings per lead by converting more cold leads into hot qualified leads.