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We have over 13,000 AdSkills ad buyers that range from beginners to seasoned pros. The goal of our dedicated "matchmaker" is to pair you with an ad buyer that fits your goals, budget, and experience. 

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How It Works


Tell us what you're looking for by answering 3-5 questions about the type of ad buyer you're looking for when it comes to experience and the type of business you run. 


We'll search through our community of ad buyers we've trained. We will personally introduce you to 3-5 ad buyers that fit your budget and experience goals. 


Then you interview and choose an ad buyer that meets your needs. We check in with you and the ad buyer regularly to ensure your ad buyer is winning for you!

Hi! I'm Camilla,

I'm your matchmaker. My mission is to connect you with 2-3 ad buyers that fit with your goals and budget.

AdSkills has over 13,000 Adbuyers, 700+ of them have been certified by our instructors to know how to launch campaigns in popular ad networks, design ad creative that fits your marketing message, as well as setup conversion tracking and analytics.

Plus we keep our training up to date so that when the networks change they come to us for additional training - you won't have to lift a finger.

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Hear From Our Happy Customers

Andrew Erickson

We partnered with an AdSkills pro and have been working together for about a year on multiple projects and accounts. I can't say enough about the program and level of professionals they have in the community. Whether you're looking to get certified and up your game, or you're looking to hire a certified pro, I can't recommend them enough.

Liana Ling

Hiring was an easy process that I was extremely happy with. Knowing the training they had already completed not only gave me peace of mind, it shortened the hiring process because it enabled me to select from a group of highly qualified candidates. I found my "rock star" who was the perfect fit for me. I will definitely be back to hire another as we continue to grow our agency.

"I Can't Recommend This Service Enough"


Our Matchmaker Guarantee

We work hard to maintain always up-to-date training for AdSkills members. We want the integrity of the AdSkills certification and our matchmaker program to be a valuable contribution to online businesses.

The Matchmaker Guarantee is here to make this a win/win/win for You, AdSkills, and the Ad buyer we match you with.

In the event you encounter troublesome campaign or even an AdSkills certified ad buyer that doesn't deliver on their promise to you, AdSkills is here to help.

If for any reason, things don't work out, please make us the first person you reach out to. We will pair your ad buyer with a dedicated mentor to turn around your campaigns or by finding an ad buyer that will meet your goals.

In addition to mentorship, you should know that we hold certified members to a strict 2 strikes rule. If we receive feedback that one of our certified ad buyers lets down a business, we personally reach out to the ad buyer to offer additional support and mentorship. After the 3rd complaint they are removed from our provider’s page and are no longer allowed to claim AdSkills certified, until sufficient evidence has been submitted to prove otherwise.

Please, please let us know when you hire on of our ad buyers so we can check their progress, and also send you a little thank you gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

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