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Below is a list of AdSkills certified providers. You can sort the list below to find exactly who you're looking for.

Search options can be sorted by experience level; Junior Certified A Junior Certified Media Buyer is a person that has experience setting up campaigns in Facebook and Google. However, they haven't lead the campaign planning process, created ads, or optimized for conversions. They are typically a "junior" ad buyer that manages campaigns and created reports for a "senior" ad buyer to then give optimization strategies to. or Media Buying Master Certified A Master Certified Media Buyer is a person that has experience with campaign strategy, creating ad creative, campaign optimizations that meet your desired goals. They may also have experience in multichannel campaign planning and scaling campaigns out to other networks. and which network they have experience If you're looking to hire an ad buyer with specific experience with in a network like Facebook, Google, Taboola/Outbrain (Native), or Retargeting, you can sort by network. Please note, that it would be impossible to keep up with the ever growing list of networks, so please find the network in closest relation to the one you're looking to hire for. (For example, for Twitter or Pinterest campaigns you'd likely choose Facebook as the network to sort by since they are "social marketing networks" in.

If you'd like our Providers to reach out to you, you can create a custom request and our matchmaker program will pair you with an AdSkills certified provider.

Mitch Adamsm3traffic.com/

Mitch is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Facebook customer acquisition. He helps e-commerce companies find and acquire more customers with Facebook and Instagram. He focuses on maximizing your ad budget to realize the growth you are looking for. If you're looking to get started with Facebook ads or expand what you are already doing, Mitch is someone to talk to. Contact him at m3traffic.com

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Kyle Anderson[email protected]

Kyle is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in Facebook, Adwords, and YouTube ads. He helps stop the bleeding of wasted ad spend and works to increase leads and generate the greatest ROI possible for his clients. If you're looking to scale your campaigns, Kyle is your guy.

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Ben Blackmon[email protected]

Ben is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network ads. He is a tracking and optimization master which allows your business to scale faster and your ad budget to go farther. You'll be able to grow your list and maximize profits by using a multi-platform approach. If you're looking for a professional media buyer then contact Ben today

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Joshua Bretagblueprintsolutionsgroup.com/

Josh is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in GDN and Native Ad networks. He helps online businesses gain more awareness using the mass traffic found in these networks. He specializes in lead generation and has helped companies use paid acquisition to get to 2000 leads per day. If you're looking to grow your list, contact Josh today at BluePrintSolutionsGroup.com

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Desriann Blackwoodiriephoenix.com/

Desriann is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in customer acquisition using Facebook, GDN, and Native Ads. She helps digital and e-commerce businesses “Attract, Engage, Convert, and Retain” more customers. Desriann looks at your business and your marketing plan holistically to create and execute revenue generating strategies as well as develop solutions that will fix core failure points in your business. If you are looking for someone to get your budgets working harder, smarter and make your business more profitable, contact Desriann at iriephoenix.com, she will make it happen for you!

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Nikolaij Bjerck

Nikolaij is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in GDN and Native Ads. As a former project manager he makes sure to organize, execute, and adapt campaigns to help meet customer acquisition goals for the companies that he helps. If you are in the financial industry and looking for a person who is interested in helping you get more customers, reach out to him today.

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Christian Byrd[email protected]

Christian is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that assists companies with customer acquisition, lead generation and tracking analytics. His thorough understanding of direct-response marketing and conversion tracking will help you achieve predictable and sustainable growth. He will work with you to create and execute marketing strategies and find pockets of profit that you are unaware of. He specializes in using Google Search, GDN and Native Ads.

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Mike Cahill[email protected]

Mike Cahill is in the business of making clients money. Mike is an Adskills certified Media Buyer with extensive experience on the Facebook Ads platform, YouTube, Google Adwords and GDN. He is the CEO of YeahLocal where he creates, manages, and scales profitable ad campaigns for his clients in a variety of verticals across multiple platforms. If you're looking to make a real ROI on your adspend, Mike is the guy to talk to.

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Nathaniel Cheungnathanielcheung.com/

Nathaniel is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in acquiring new customers using Facebook Advertising. His main focus is generating qualified phone leads for companies in the financial services industry with appointment-based sales processes. Contact Nathaniel at nathanielcheung.com

Haoting Chowwayneresearch.com/

Haoting is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer who help companies build customer acquisition campaigns across multiple ad networks like FB, GDN & Natives. His deep understanding of direct-response copywriting and conversion tracking helps his clients scale campaigns profitably and get more customers. His current clients include multi-million dollar direct-response and ecommerce companies like “Rival Brands” and “Fit & Glow”. If you want to scale your ad campaigns profitably and boost your ROI, talk to Haoting at wayneresearch.com

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Brian Diezbrainy.marketing/

Brian is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in GDN and Native Ad networks. He helps online businesses lower acquisition costs and increase sales volume. He specializes in lead generation and sales funnels and has taken campaigns from startup to $16,000.00 in daily sales within just 90 days. If you're looking to grow your list, lower your ad spend, and increase sales, contact Brian today at Brainy.marketing

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Carol Douthitt

Carol is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer and Certified Facebook Agency and Consultant with Dominate Web Media. She has experience in Facebook Advertising for digital and e-commerce sales, creating Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponder Campaigns and has been using Email Marketing since 2005. Her goal is to help you grow and monetize your list while maximizing your earnings potential. If you need help making sales and growing your list, Carol is the person to contact

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Matteo Gasparellostrategico.io/

Matteo is a digital marketer and AdSkills Certified Media Buyer, experienced in Facebook and Linkedin ads. He helps tech companies to get more traffic and visibility thanks to media buying, content marketing, and SEO. If you are looking to get more exposure for your B2B product or service, contact Matteo today at strategico.io

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Joakim Hanssonwinwinwinmarketing.eu/

Joakim has helped clients get 10 280 registrants for seminars in just 48 days. He is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in GDN, Youtube, Facebook and Native Ad networks. He has successfully been using Adwords since 2004 and Facebook ads since 2009 and has experience from weight loss, self-help, biz-op, health, and finance. He specializes in info products, seminars and leads gen. contact Joakim today at winwinwinmarketing.eu

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Liane Hunterlmhdigital.com/

Liane is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in Facebook and Adwords customer acquisitions, specializing in Health/Wellness and Financial markets. She will maximize your ROI and make the most of your ad budget while growing your email lists and increasing conversions for your offer/funnel. If you are looking to get started with Facebook and/or Google Adwords, contact Liane at LMHDigital.com

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Jeremy Gillespiebuilttoscale.co

Jeremy is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with significant experience building multi-channel campaigns using Facebook, Search, YouTube, Shopping, GDN & Native Ad networks. He specializes in lead generation, as well as eCommerce and has helped companies break $100k in sales in a single day. If you're looking for a multi-channel strategy to scale your business, contact Jeremy at builttoscale.co

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David Hegedusdhegedus.com

David is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in native advertising and email marketing. He helps online businesses get more traffic and convert that traffic into customers. He mainly deals with clients in the info publishing space, with a focus on business, online marketing, finance, and related self-improvement products. David has worked with a couple big names in these industries. Reach out if you want to be next. Contact David at dhegedus.com

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Justin Jacquesjustinjacques.com

Justin is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer helping professionals like dentists, doctors, attorneys, and accountants get more patients and clients using Facebook, Adwords, and GDN. He works with clients to get high quality leads so that they can grow your practice and bring in more special cases. His team is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, which means that they can help you build an automated follow-up system for those leads. Contact Justin at justinjacques.com

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Jonathan Kaufman

Jon is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in AdWords, Facebook, & Youtube ads. He helps business' generate qualified leads and can grow your list and maximize your earnings potential. If you're looking to get started with or scale your AdWords, Facebook, & Youtube ad campaigns, Jon is a person to talk with.

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Rahul R Khivnsaraadbuffs.com/

Rahul is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Facebook customer acquisition. He helps e-commerce businesses attract more customers with Facebook. He makes the most of your ad budgets so that you can grow your revenue, scale profitably with Facebook Ads. Rahul has experience managing accounts in Luxury & Fashion jewelry, apparel, mattresses, and skincare niches

James Lumhatchhappy.com

James is a qualified Adskills Certified member, who specializes in one thing – E-commerce. He focuses on the 2 biggest networks – Google and Facebook, to drive traffic to stores and currently manages a seven figure ecommerce business. James also works as a volunteer to promote ecommerce in developing countries and travels around Europe giving public talks.If you're a store owner and looking to increase your revenue contact James today at hatchhappy.com


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Alex Makarskippcmavericks.com

Engineer-turned-marketer, Alex has a knack for getting in the head of a buyer to create an ad that works. Certified by AdSkills, Google, Microsoft, ActiveCampaign. Runs ads in English and Spanish on AdWords/GDN, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdRoll, SiteScout. Industries: software/tech, local services, ecom. When Alex decides to master a network, he often launches “side projects” on his own nickle. Want your media buyer to treat your ad spend with the same attention and care like his own? Contact Alex at ppcmavericks.com, convince him why your project is awesome.

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Shimon Miahshimonmiah.com

Shimon is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. He helps businesses drive wallet-out, ready-to-buy traffic to their business using Paid Ads. His number one priority is to help clients increase revenue (not just traffic) continually climb up and to the right. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Shimon is someone to talk to. Contact him today at shimonmiah.com

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Sheena Murphybraveinfluence.com

Sheena is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in Facebook & Instagram customer acquisition. She uses these platforms to help experts be seen by their best audience. She will make the most of ad budget to grow email lists, increase engagement and maximize earning potential from your following. If you're looking to get started with Facebook ads, Sheena is someone to talk to. Contact her today at braveinfluence.com

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Steve Orphanosiwavemedia.net

Steve is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer as well as Certified Google Adwords Specialists in Search, Display, Mobile, Analytics and Video that specializes in customer acquisition utilizing Facebook, Google Adwords, and Native Ad networks. Utilizing these channels we have been able to help companies attract more customers and generate more sales. Which in the end is what every company is after. If your looking to increase sales, grow your list and lower your ad spend then Steve is the guy you want running your ads. Contact him at iwavemedia.net

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Kelvin Parkercustomertriggeredpersuasion.com

Kelvin is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer – a 30+ year veteran of direct response marketing, with experience with Facebook, Google Ads, GDN, and YouTube. Plus copywriting for multi-million dollar projects, systems and automation, and analytics. He specializes in lead generation for B2C markets, including online E-learning, personal development, business opportunities, and financial services

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Chris Seowww.linkedin.com/in/chrisseoconsulting

Chris an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Facebook customer acquisition. Leveraging his previous life as a financial analyst, Chris creates massive growth for any company he works with. His careful attention to detail in large-scale Facebook ad management grew his last company from 7 to 8 figures – in under 18 months. Never content with the status quo, he tenaciously tests and hunts for ways to improve every campaign. In one case, he was able to generate 10-20 times more leads across the client's ad universe. Chris has managed campaigns across multiple verticals, including the finance, health, saas, education and e-commerce industries.

Shantelle Shakes[email protected]

Shantelle is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in Facebook Advertising, particularly for the healthcare industry. Shantelle has used her expertise to navigate through the restrictive marketing guidelines of the industry and produce consistent results for her clients. Want to understand who your audience is and how to market to them? Contact Shantelle at [email protected]

Dejan Skenderovic

Dejan is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in GDN and LinkedIn networks. He helps startups gain more awareness using the mass traffic found in GDN as well as finding valuable B2B opportunities from LinkedIn. If you're looking to gain traction on these networks Dejan is a person to talk with.

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Michaël Sochaczewskimichaelsochaczewski.com

Michaël, AdSkills Certified Media Buyer, helps local businesses with their customer acquisition using Adwords, GDN and Facebook. He also uses the power of Linkedin to get B2B service providers more highly qualified leads. His clients benefit from his ability to bring structure and predictability to their business. If you have a proven system in place to close all the new leads he will send your way, then he is your man. Contact him today at michaelsochaczewski.com

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Jason Stogsdilljasonstogsdill.com

Jason is an Adskills Certified Media Buyer and agency owner. He manages millions in spend for high 8 figure direct response titans and consumer brands like “Investing Daily” and “Gatormade Trailers”. His experience in media buying is backed by his solid foundation in direct response principles. Utilizing networks such as Google, Youtube, FB and Native, he creates high scale acquisition campaigns. Contact him at jasonstogsdill.com

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Sunni Sukumarsunnisukumar.com

Sunni is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer specialized in promoting anxiety and depression solutions since he overcame both struggles after many years. He has experience on Facebook and plans to expand to GDN and native. Sunni also brings his years of web analytics insights, starting in 2005, when he custom-built a web tracking/reporting system for the world's second-biggest travel community. Contact him at sunnisukumar.com

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Jordan Swansonreachfiredigital.com/

Jordan is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer and runs a Native Advertising agency. He uses a unique method of combining Native Advertising with “Facebook-like-targeting” across 25+ different networks. He also uses “in-feed” native ads in addition to the standard “content recommendation” widgets to gives his clients more visibility. If you're looking into Native Advertising, speak with Jordan at reachfiredigital.com

Jonathan Wilsonoctobermarketing.com

Specializing in Google Ads Search and GDN management for nation-wide campaigns, Jonathan has deep experience in the art and science of Search and GDN Ads. He's spent years using AdWords and Bing to scale up business for dozens of clients, applying particular emphasis on optimized conversion tracking and retargeting. He’s been hired, recommended and consulted by Perry Marshall and Ryan Levesque. Mike Rhodes has congratulated Jonathan for his thorough GDN testing techniques. If you want to scale up high-quality Google Ads traffic to your direct response info-product, list building or lead generation funnels

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Leo Youngedyamedia.com

As an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer, Leo uses proven systems to get the best ROI for you. He has experience with AdWords, GDN, Bing, Native Ad Networks, and Facebook Ads. Leo works with local and national businesses such as Moving Companies and Attorneys. If you need more clients from paid advertising, Leo can help you plan and implement a comprehensive strategy. Contact him at edyamedia.com

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Keith Pareswww.linkedin.com/in/keithpares/

Keith is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer whose experience includes almost two years working directly with Google in their Ads support team building, optimizing & managing campaigns for Google Search, GDN, YouTube and shopping. He specializes in driving qualified sales & lead traffic to maximize the ROI from your ad budgets while helping to prevent wasted spend on Google's traffic traps

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Philip McKayphilmckay.me

Phil is an Adskills Certified Media Buyer with the ability to break down your Facebook campaigns test by test and squeeze every drop out of your dollar. Every campaign is optimized to meet your marketing goals and maximize ROI. He stays on top of growing trends like Messenger ads. If you're looking to flip the switch – Phil is the answer you're looking for

Lee Kariukileekariuki.com/

Lee is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Facebook customer acquisition. He helps experts attract more customers with Facebook. He makes the most of your ad budgets via eliminating losers and scaling winning ads through data tracking. Lee works with health professional services providers from chiropractors, dieticians to physical therapists. What gives Lee the advantage is that his background is in the health and sciences field and has consulted with BiogenIdec and many other independent providers

Milton Brown[email protected]

Milton is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in GDN, GSN, Youtube, and Facebook networks. He has help many brick and mortar companies increase calls and revenue by driving targeted quality traffic to their offers. He has worked with colleges, funeral homes, private schools, gyms, and other industries including ecommerce

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Barton Murray[email protected]

Barton is an Adskills Certified Media Buyer experienced in Google Ads, Facebook and Organic SEO. He helps businesses acquire leads & sales using his 10+yrs of proven results running an online digital agency. Barton has exceptional customer service and communication skills with a commitment to details and deadlines, Barton makes the most of your ad budgets to expedite your companies growth goals.

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Alvin Raiwww.drivenresults.co/

Alvin is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer specializing in Facebook and Google campaigns to strategically increase your ROI. Leveraging his background in management with a Unicorn ($1B+) SaaS company, Alvin now helps businesses grow with a scalable plan to acquire profitable customers. If you need a business savvy media buyer that has 100% focus on spending your investment as his own, reach out to Alvin now to discuss your project today

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Alex Kozak[email protected]

Alex is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in YouTube ads network. He helps eCom and information product owners get more customers and grow their sales with simple video ads. If you're looking to profitably get your product(s) in-front of a huge targeted audience, Alex is a person to talk with

Ryan Saplan[email protected]

Ryan is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with high level email deliverability skills and email list management background. He's also a copywriter with nearly 20 years of experience working with personal training clients 1-on-1. This makes him an incredible compliment for consulting to any media buying team

Sam Dilay[email protected]

Sam is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in Google Ads, GDN and Facebook customer acquisition. He has over 5 years experience in generating leads through both Google & Facebook. He also uses advanced cross channel remarketing as part of his digital strategy. If you're looking to get started with Google Ads, Google Display Network & Facebook ads, Sam is someone to talk to

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Jim Hamilton​https://jimhamilton.me/​

Jim is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience on Facebook. He helps businesses in the health & supplement verticals acquire more customers. He is a seasoned copywriter with a firm grasp on how to write compliant copy that converts. If you're looking to get started with Facebook ads, Jim is someone to talk to

Brice Gumpmajorimpactmedia.com/

Brice is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer that specializes in performance marketing on multiple paid advertising platforms. With a core focus on data management and a systems based approach to media buying, Brice and his team help their client maximize their ROI with Facebook and Google Ads. Reach out to Brice and his team to grow your business with a data driven approach to marketing

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Alex Lee[email protected]

Alex is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer with experience in Youtube Ads. He helps businesses with high ticket products get more customers with Youtube Ads. He takes your mind off Youtube Ads by helping you maximize every dollar spent so that you can focus on developing your business and scaling your products. If you're looking to get more customers from Youtube, Alex is someone you must talk to

Nathan Angle[email protected]

Nathan is a Certified Junior Media Buyer. He has knowledge and some experience with setting up tracking in Facebook advertisements. As a younger media buyer he has a new and refreshing view to bring to the table on what catches the customer's eye, especially the younger audiences that tend to buy products online more often then then the ‘wiser' audiences. He is open and ready to take any challenge and take in as much information as possible learn as much as he can from his superiors.

Joshi Pushkaraj[email protected]

Pushkaraj is an AdSkills Certified Junior Media Buyer, with experience in lead gen campaigns for local businesses, using FB & Google Ads. He's looking to work in reporting, optimization & running campaigns for info-publishers, e-commerce, and other verticals. Want a highly committed Junior Media Buyer who can work well on deadlines & is hungry to learn & implement? Pushkaraj is the one for you

, facebook googlejunior-certified
Joao Pina[email protected]

João is an AdSkills Certified Junior Media Buyer with experience in Facebook Ads and Google Ads. He has experience in setting up and optimizing Facebook campaigns for e-Commerce and Lead Generation (Lead Ads). He's also motivated to learn and gain media buying experience in other business models. Looking for a quick to implement, reliable and highly motivated Junior? João is the one to talk to!

, facebook googlejunior-certified
Joshua Killingsworth[email protected]

Joshua is an AdSkills Certified Junior Media Buyer. If you want to work with someone that understands where the conversion really starts and can help fine-tune every aspect of your marketing strategy, he has 12 years of experience in conversion rate optimization & direct response copywriting. He has written copy for Peter Diamandis, Jason Fladlien, Joe Polish, Tony Robbins, Alex Charfen, and more

Mike Khlebas[email protected]

Mike is an AdSkills Certified Junior Media Buyer with a little experience of setting up, reporting on and optimizing lead gen campaigns on Facebook (for both info products and local businesses). My superpower is the ability to do market research to find out what your ideal clients think, want and afraid of and brainstorming the best ways to connect with them. If your marketing team looking for a hungry, flexible and educable Junior, Mike is someone to talk with


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