Swipe These Proven Retargeting Campaigns

After spending 10+ million in ads online, I've pulled together my best retargeting campaigns. In this 80 page "cookbook" you can follow step-by-step recipes for my proven campaign strategies.

These were designed for any team member to easily implement and brag about their new profitable campaigns. Rest assured that you can implement them in your business, for your clients, or hand this book to a team member to implement for you... I did.


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"Bloody brilliant. Concise, clear & super practical. The recipes make the various use cases so easy to understand & will give you & your team a common language for talking about the varied ways you'll use remarketing in your business or agency."


"This simple and highly effective ‘Recipe Book’ is perfect for anyone at any skill level. Within the first 10 min, I discovered two great strategies that I’ll be implementing. This ‘Recipe Book’ should be a standard primmer for anyone running ads online."


Now You Can Have Recipes To My Most Reliable, Set It & Forget It Ad Campaigns...

From: Justin Brooke
Sunrise, FL

Do you have a product or service you know your market will love?

Do you currently have at least a trickle of visitors to your site?

Do you wish there was an ad campaign that worked good with only $10/day but can also scale to thousands profitably?

These Recipes Have Already Helped Thousands of Businesses

When my sister came to me asking how to make more sales, these are the same campaigns I gave to her.

But you can’t buy this book in traditional book stores.


Because when I brought it to a publisher they said “You need to fluff this up into at least 200 pages.” 

If you’re like me, then you’re allergic to fluff.

This is more of a field guide than it is a “book book.”

It’s only 60 minutes long so you can complete it in one day. No long winded theories, or history lessons, just 60 minutes of “do this, not that.”

  •  Retargeting Recipes: Will help you decide what tools and ad networks to use based on your specific budget & marketing goals.
  •  Retargeting Recipes: Will show you detailed campaign setup instructions so you can “copy/paste” my proven campaigns for your own products.
  •  Retargeting Recipes: Will work for online and offline business, for product based or service based businesses. If you have something for sale, these campaign recipes will only boost what you are currently doing.

The founder of Hubspot said it best…

“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.” - Brian Halligan

Retargeting is the adaptation.

No longer, can we rely on someone merely seeing our page once.

The Internet has evolved past that.

In a recent study, CMO.com even found that “web site visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.” 

What do you have to lose - THE BOOK IS ONLY $9.95!

Here’s What To Do Next

When you order today, your audiobook is available instantly.

Oh and in case you’re wondering… "What’s The Catch?"

Maybe you’re thinking there is a hidden fee. There isn't. 

I’m trying to ethically lure you into the AdSkills world. 

We have over 11,000 businesses that rely on our paid training to run their marketing campaigns. 

My hopes in giving you this book at a great price is that you are so impressed, that you come back afterwards to buy all our training and mentorship. 

That's my secret evil agenda... To impress the heck outta you.

Oh, and as soon as you buy you’ll have access to the digital PDF version immediately. So you can start cooking these recipes straight away!

If you want reliable campaigns, you can start for as little as $10/day. Get your copy of Retargeting Recipes now.


P.S. If you’re an industry veteran, I suggest you flip open to chapter 6 and beyond where I cover advanced retargeting strategies.