Social Ads

Learn how to exploit the unspoken goldmine of Social Ads. If you want to learn how to use social networks to find your ideal customers, then this is the path for you. In this path you will master microtargeting audiences by interests, friendships, hashtags, and even job titles using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Your Social Ads Path Starts Here

This course was developed with the intention of being a career boosting media buying course. Strong enough for the pro level media buyer and simple enough for a rookie. 

You'll start your path with our flagship course, Media Buying Masters. The first 4 weeks of this path with focus on media buying strategy and systemization. 

During my days of running a highly sought after ad agency, I learned the importance of campaign frameworks and systems.

If you want to have consistent results you must have consistent processes.

Just like if you cook a big pot of chilli, if you throw different ingredients every time then it's going to taste different every time.

You will never be successful at media buying until you learn the importance of clean account structure and relying on campaign frameworks. These first four weeks will be the foundation we build on. 

Week 1 What The Pro's Do That Rookies Don't

Learn the foundational skills every pro media buyer uses before starting any campaign. Plus, The critical pro media buyer mindset you must have to stop making expensive rookie mistakes.

Week 2 The 5P Media Planning Framework

Learn the campaign launch sequence pro media buyers use to protect themselves from losses and maximize profits. As well as the secret spy tools you can use to reverse engineer the top campaigns in any market.

Week 3 Creating Campaigns Using Proven Formulas

The amazingly simple strategy for coming up with ad copy that tugs on your viewers heart strings and virtually forces them to buy now. Get access to our proven templates and formulas for creating ads that produce millions in revenue, yet can be made in 5 minutes

Facebook Ads Mastery

The next step in your path towards mastering social ads is to upgrade your Facebook Ad skills. In this next step along the path we'll dive into our easy to implement workflow for managing and scaling Facebook ad campaigns.
Week 5 3 Phase Campaign System

Learn our 3 phase process for taking new campaigns from “testing the market” through “scaling sales volume” safely and effectively so that they are happy with your results. AND we'll show you how to structure your campaigns/ad sets to get positive ROI as quickly as possible.

Week 6 Campaign Optimization Strategies

Discover a proven system for creating ads for multiple types of campaigns including the images you should use, how to enhance the images for more clicks, and how to write better ad copy. Plus, how to identify low performing ads, how to optimize them for better performance, and how to avoid creating bad ads all together.

Instagram Ads Mastery

We're really moving by this section in the Social Ads Path. We're going to scale campaigns from the Facebook into Instagram where you'll learn how to tweak 3 of Facebook’s most proven advanced tactics to work on Instagram.
Week 7 Instagram Campaign Strategy & Setup

Discover the 3 key elements of your ads that must be optimized to get the perfect recipe for high CTR and low CPA... Plus, how to use hashtags to reap the benefits of both paid and organic Insta posts and make sure your ads look native (not salesy)...

Week 8 Scale Fast & Maximize Profits

Learn how to use lookalike and LTV audience targeting on Instagram to scale fast and maximize profit... Plus, we'll show you two budget tricks that allow the Instagram algorithm to learn more, more quickly, leading to more rapid success in your campaigns...

Twitter Ads Mastery

This section is NOT about scaling for massive audience. It's about sniper-level targeting the best customers on Twitter in any market. In Week 9, you'll learn how to leverage Twitter in addition to the other social ad networks to promote webinars, blog posts, case studies, and lead magnets.
Week 9 Creating Sniper-Targeted Campaigns

The essential research you must do to eliminate the guess work from all your campaigns and create compelling ads. Plus, we'll show you how to select the right ad for the right purpose… you'll learn all the Twitter ad types and when to use them.

Week 10 Evaluate, Optimize, and Scale

How to create professional-looking, high-converting ads...even if you’re terrible on video, and even if you don’t even own a camera. AND Exactly how you should “trim the fat” from your campaigns so you can scale up while maintaining your ROI


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5 Stars!

I am blown away by the stuff I am learning in here. I am one of the guys who paid $20k to spend a day with Dan Kennedy. Seeing you answer these questions in your group, you remind me of him. You both are like a human Google.


5 Stars!

Using what I learned from Justin I helped one of my clients go from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month profitably


The real value in this course is the ability to go over what is important and not get bogged down in the minute details. AdSkills raises your awareness level to a point where you can get better on your own because you have a big picture in your mind. Simply taught. 


I've been running Facebook ads for years now and assumed that this course would just be a confirmation of things I already knew. To some extent, it was that, but it was so much more. Justin hit on topics that I have ignored completely over the years as minor or even irrelevant. After seeing his process I no longer think that and am going to back to re-tool many of my campaigns. Thanks for a great course Justin.


Justin's FB course was very comprehensive but easy to follow along. Justin and team went into a lot of detail, including how to set up an actual campaign from start to finish. It really is an over-the-shoulder look at what needs to be done and how to do it properly. The section on both lookalike audiences and how to measure were well done too. Highly recommend. Thanks. Ash."



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Course Authors


Justin Brooke

Justin 11yrs ago with just $60 in an Adwords account and turned it into 6 figures. Then opened a digital ad agency and grew it to 7 figures. He’s spent over $10 million dollars on ads and his client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf and more.


John Belcher

John is a former Googler. He is currently CEO and Founder of Enduring Marketing LLC - a paid acquisition consultancy that specializes in helping B2B, Saas, and FinTech startups analyze and scale their user acquisition programs.

Additional Path Bonuses

In addition to our courses, we provide supplemental learning to ensure all students at any level master all elements of this path. We've included training to ensure our certified media buyers understand how to track ad campaigns, how to optimize and build high converting landing pages, as well as how to target any clients target audience. 

Tracking 101

Never again will you setup a campaign and wonder which ad is converting the most sales. Exercises in this course are sure to have your tracking setup professionally.

Marketer's Guide To Finding Customers Online

In this course you'll learn the exact steps pro media buyers use to find and convert large pools of their target customer in any ad network.

Bulletproof Landing Pages 

You'll learn how to apply scientific eye-tracking, and consumer psychology to create high-converting landing pages

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