Are You Wasting Money On These Traffic Traps? 


What Is Traffic Traps? 

In this course you'll learn how to avoid the 7 common mistakes marketers make when launching and scaling ad campaigns. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn inside this course:


Become A Targeting Pro

Finding your target customers online won't be a problem for your campaigns. These 4 exercises are guaranteed to help you identify the best targeting options for your campaigns

Getting To Your Goal CPA

This one exercise will help you identify what you need in place to get to your goal CPA (or if it's even possible). 

3 Components Of A Killer Offer

What it takes to convert cold traffic isn't the same as what it takes for warm (email) traffic. Use this strategy to speak to new customers that don't know who you are. 

What Makes A Great Ad

Easy ad creation system that will show you how to create thrumbstopping ads with high CTR (bringing your click cost down). 

Identifying Which Ads Convert Best

Money In & Money Out is an inefficient way to track your paid ad ROI. You'll learn the exact steps to put in place to track down which ad is getting you the best customers. 

Media Buying Basics

We've created worksheets and tutorials that help you identify your lifetime customer value and the cost to acquire a customer so that before you start buying ads you know your goal metrics that will make ad buying profitable. 

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