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Learn from the world's best ad buyers. Every AdSkills instructor has managed at least $1 million in real world ad spend. They are career professionals, in the trenches daily. New classes added every month. 
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  • Get Certified & Matched Up With Clients or Jobs
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What Will You Learn Inside?

Just A Sample Of The 30+ Classes Inside With New Classes Added Monthly

Build an Off the Charts YouTube Ad With Tom Breeze

In this class you'll Tom Breeze, 13 year advertising veteran, teaches the psychology and storyboarding methods used in the worlds most successful Youtube Ads.

Google Analytics Tracking 101 With John Belcher

Your instructor, John Belcher is a former Googler and the Vice President of Marketing at LadyBoss. In this class he teaches the four levels of tracking and how to implement them.

David L. Deutch

How To Write Master Level Copy with David Deutch

David L. Deutsch is a world-renowned direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, author, and copywriting coach.  David started at Ogilvy & Mather on Madison Avenue, working with clients such as Merrill Lynch, General Foods, and American Express.

Ezra Firestone

Ecommerce Landing Pages that Convert with Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone has been recognized by Shopify and Entrepreneur Magazine as a leading ecommerce expert. In this class, Ezra teaches lessons learned from his own landing pages that have brought in over 115 million dollars in ecommerce sales. 

Strategy for Getting Celebrity  Clients With Alejandro Reyes

In this class, Alejandro explains how he has landed celebrity clients and so can you. He has worked with Platinum recording artist Hillsong, Best Selling Author John Acuff, Pushpay, and Northwest University. 

Advanced Ad Campaign Research & Frameworks with Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke has managed 10 million dollars in ad spend for clients that include Dan Kennedy, Russel Brunson, Digital Marketer and more. In this class, Justin dives into the exercises for identifying the copy, imagery and campaign strategy frameworks for building successful ad campaigns

Master Paid Ads In 9 Weeks

Don’t know where to start? Wondering how to target the right visitors? Clueless about tracking? Don’t worry it’s all covered. This 9 week program is intentionally designed to mimic college courses and take even the greenest rookie from A to Z. You’ll come out of the 9 week course with a proven step-by-step process that protects your budget and leads to profitability.


Monthly Masterclasses

Want to learn Google Ads? What about TikTok Ads? Or YouTube Ads? We’ve got you covered! Every month we add a new class taught by an expert with at least $1mil in real world experience. There’s already classes in there about YouTube, copywriting, lead gen, and more. This is where you’ll go for on going education so your always adding more traffic to your business. Even the pro’s come hang out for these classes.


Private Slack Group

Literally, like having a paid traffic coach in your pocket. This slack group is filled with over 1,300 paid traffic experts already. Guys ranging from 6 figures all the way to 8 figure earners. All in there talking about ad campaigns and answering questions. Why? Because they know we give out amazing prizes weekly for the most helpful answers to our members questions. Also, because they were once you and like helping out.


Weekly Coaching Calls

If you want to pay thousands of dollars for coaching go right ahead, but we include that with Pro League so you don’t have too. Our expert instructors who have already built multi-million dollar businesses take an hour per week to jump on a Zoom call and answer questions directly. Seriously, if this is all we offered for $149/mo it would be worth it. But you still get more.


Hands On Mentoring

All the coaching and courses and books in the world won’t help you get real world results. That’s why we let you use our own ad accounts and even give you a test budget so you can get real hands on experience. We teach you how to turn this into a case study and then how to use that case study to get more clients.


Certification Exam

College is the old way. Online learning is the future. Businesses know our reputation and respect our certification. When you take and pass our 100 question exam (made by a real teacher) you’ll get a printable certificate, a LinkedIn badge for your profile, and a digital badge to display on your website. Getting certified also unlocks a few MAJOR bonuses like the matchmaker program and marketplace offers.


Matchmaker Program

Because we have over 13,000 customers businesses all over the world know that they can come to us to hire ad buyers. We even have ad campaigns driving more business owners to us all so we can pair you up. That’s right, once certified, we will help you get introduced to new clients. We have plenty of leads for everyone and as we get more members, we increase our ad budgets to get more leads for you.


Which Level Ad Buyer Are You? 

DIY Ad Buyer:

AdSkills Core is designed for the do it yourself ad buyer who wants to master paid traffic for their own business. Includes a 9 week course that teaches terminology, best practices, creating great ads, ad tracking, and landing pages. As well as new monthly classes with experts to help you learn all the different ad networks.

Think of AdSkills Core like, but for business owners and only $8.99/mo. You probably spend more than that on a pizza.


Freelancers or Agencies:

AdSkills Pro League is designed to help you get more clients and become an influencer in the marketing industry. Includes a private slack group weekly coaching calls, certification exam, client matchmaking program, and the ability to sell your own offers inside the AdSkills Marketplace to thousands of other marketers. 

Think of AdSkills Pro League like an online trade school. Just one client will pay for a whole year of your $149/mo membership fee.

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AdSkills CORE


Top features

  • 9 Week Mastery Course
  • Monthly Masterclasses

Pro League


Most Popular

  • 9 Week Mastery Course
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Slack Group
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Hands On Mentoring
  • Certification Exam
  • Matchmaker Program
  • AdSkills Marketplace (buy & sell)

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